Antimicrobial Resistance: Meeting the Challenge

23rd November 2017
London, UK

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the most important international issues for human and animal health and the global spread of AMR threatens to negate cures for infectious disease that began with the introduction of penicillin. Systematic misuse and overuse of antibiotics in human medicine and animal husbandry have put every individual at risk. 

This 2-day conference will present the current understanding of AMR, through key note presentations, case studies, expert opinion, and panel discussions. Day 1 will concentrate on areas spanning human health, diagnostics and agriculture.

Medicinal chemists from the Domainex team will be presenting a poster on joint research with Auspherix to develop a novel class of gold(I) antibiotics, with a broad spectrum antibacterial activity against the so-called ESKAPE pathogens.