The BMCS Mastering MedChem IV: 4th RSC-BMCS symposium on mastering medicinal chemistry

14th March 2018
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry IV is the latest in an ongoing series of conferences intended to provide expert advice and guidance to new practitioners in the field of drug discovery.  It has been said that "there are two types of drug discovery programmes: those that hit serious problems and those that are going to hit serious problems".   Anticipating and preparing for such problems thus accelerates the delivery of new medicines: this event will feature presentations from experienced 'drug-hunters' in both industry and academia, who will talk about the challenges faced in modern drug discovery, and will share the good practices common to all successful medicinal chemists.

Domainex Medicinal Chemist, Martin Fisher will be attending the event and would be pleased to discuss how Domainex can support your drug discovery programme.