Domainex seminar at the University of Sydney

17th August 2018
Sydney, Australia

You are invited to attend a seminar by Domainex CSO, Trevor Perrior:

Building a brighter future for drug discovery
How can we invent better drugs faster?

This is one of the major challenges facing the pharma and biotech industries, and Domainex has responded by focusing on the efficiency of its drug hunting approach. The emphasis on maximum efficiency shapes Domainex’s strategic technologies, and also the tactics that are used by its highly-experienced medicinal chemists and biologists to find hit compounds and rapidly optimise them into drug candidates. Trevor will describe some aspects of the Domainex approach and illustrate these with some recent drug research programmes at Domainex.

Where and when: 

Chemistry Building F11, Eastern Ave, Sydney NSW 2006
Friday 17th August, 11am – 12 pm, Chemistry Lecture Theatre 4, Level 2
Chair: Prof.Michael Kassiou

If you would like to meet with us to discuss your drug discovery programme, please get in touch.  We look forward to seeing you there

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