Drug Discovery Chemistry

2nd April to 6th April 2018
San Diego, USA

Hear our presentation 'The rational design of small-molecule Neuropilin-1 antagonists' and visit us at booth #407.


Cambridge Healthtech Institute's 13th Annual Drug Discovery Chemistry is a dynamic conference for medicinal chemists working in pharma and biotech, focused on discovery and optimization challenges of small molecule drug candidates.

Domainex CSO, Trevor Perrior will be presenting at the meeting. His talk,

The rational design of small-molecule Neuropilin-1 antagonists

, will be a part of the Protein-Protein Interactions track on Tuesday 3rd April.  

Presentation abstract:

Neuropilin-1 (NRP1) is a receptor for vascular endothelial growth factor A165 (VEGF-A) and the neuronal guidance molecule semaphorin 3A (SEMA3A), which plays a key role in vascular and neuronal development. Molecules which antagonise the interaction of NRP-1 with its protein ligands may be useful in a number of therapeutic settings, in particular for the treatment of certain types of cancer. In collaboration with Ark Therapeutics and scientists at University College London we have designed the first small-molecule inhibitors of this protein-protein interaction and have shown that they display the expected pharmacological profile.


Domainex will also be exhibiting at the event (booth #407).  We look forward to seeing you there and discussing ways in which Domainex can support your drug discovery programme.


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