Domainex's Clients and Collaborators

Domainex works with big pharma, biotechnology companies and academic organisations. Photo of smiling scientists

Domainex works with big pharma and biotech companies and academic groups around the world, to provide drug discovery expertise and services.

Domainex's service offering is broad and it can support your organisation's needs; whether your requirement is for a short assay development or hit identification project, or a longer and fully integrated drug discovery programme.

Examples of organisations Domainex has worked with are as follows:

Auspherix | Academic Consortium | FORMA Therapeutics | ZoBio | Cresset


Domainex is supporting Auspherix, a new and exciting biotech company, to progress its novel anti-infective drug discovery programme towards the nomination of a clinical candidate. Auspherix intends to develop much-needed new drugs to fight the increasing problem of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, which have been widely reported as one of the most significant threats to patients' safety across the world.

Auspherix, an early-stage anti-infectives company, in-licensed intellectual property from the ithree institute at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) with the intention of developing antibiotics with novel mechanisms of action to treat resistant bacterial disease. Domainex will provide medicinal chemistry and DMPK services to support this work.

Academic Consortium: St George’s, University of Manchester

Medicinal chemists at Domainex collaborated with scientists at St George's University of London and the University of Manchester to develop novel chemical compounds known as Allergen Delivery Inhibitors (ADIs), which have the potential to become a new paradigm in the treatment of asthma.

These compounds work by inhibiting proteases excreted by house dust mites that are believed to be one of the commonest causes of domestic allergy, and a major trigger for asthma attacks. This programme has successfully led to the nomination of a candidate drug (CD).

Throughout the programme Domainex used its expertise in medicinal chemistry to design inhibitors of the protease target. Leads were optimised for use in a dry powder inhaler.

This project was funded by the Wellcome Trust SDDI and Domainex played a key role in securing the > £4 million of support.

FORMA Therapeutics

Domainex and  ZoBio are collaborating to support FORMA Therapeutics, to provide NMR-based structural biology services for a substantial panel of FORMA drug targets.The goal of the collaboration was to use ZoBio’s expertise in protein nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to elucidate the molecular basis for compound-target interaction, to complement ongoing X-ray crystallography approaches. NMR is currently the only alternative to crystallography capable of elucidating atomic resolution, 3D structural information. 

Under the agreement, Domainex applied its Combinatorial Domain Hunting technology to generate suitable protein variants for a selection of particularly challenging but exciting oncology drug targets, not previously amenable to structural studies. Successful targets from the joint ZoBio/ Domainex effort were then used for subsequent NMR structural biology studies.


Cresset logo

Cresset and Domainex have formed an alliance to provide their customers with world-class laboratory-based and computational drug discovery services through a seamless combination of their respective capabilities in chemistry and biology.

The alliance will give clients fully-integrated access to the renowned expertise of Domainex in protein expression, biochemical assays, hit identification, computational and medicinal chemistry; and to Cresset’s world-class approach to hit identification and drug design using its proprietary computational technologies.