Supporting Translational Research

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As an award-winning supporter of translational research, Domainex is committed to supporting academic groups and start-up companies to raise funding to support their drug discovery needs.

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Domainex works with academic scientists to convert their ideas and discoveries into new treatments for patients. Our in-house technologies are ideal for supporting early-stage projects from hit identification and lead optimisation, up to candidate selection.

Through our extensive involvement in successful grant applications, we have built up considerable experience of the selection process used by grant administrators, such as the Wellcome Trust SDDI, MRC DPFS and Horizon 2020. Our team's success with applications means that we have a detailed understanding of the written guidelines and how the selection process works, as well as an excellent appreciation of what the Grant Administrators are looking for.

We can provide free advice to applicants in a number of areas and critique both preliminary and full applications, including:

  • Biological rationale of your application, and how this fits with what the panel is likely to be looking for
  • Appropriateness of the project objectives, budgets and milestones
  • Detailed medicinal chemistry and drug discovery planning
  • Organisational structure of the project and allocation of responsibilities
  • Role and selection of external advisors

Domainex can also attend meetings and presentations with the grant administrators in order to support your application as it proceeds through the selection process.

Post-funding, Domainex intends to be the chosen provider of fee-for-service drug discovery support (such as medicinal chemistry) on the project.

For further information, please contact us or download a factsheet by clicking this link.