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Domainex’s people are crucial to its success and bring a wide range of skills and expertise which has enabled it to realise 3 clinical stage programs on behalf of its clients in the last 4 years and a burgeoning internal discovery pipeline.  Central to this is their creativity and experience, ensuring Domainex scientists are capable of exploiting unique enabling technologies to succeed even with the most challenging targets.

Domainex’s employees typically are PhD-educated (over 90%), with experience in both big pharma and biotech settings.  Together, they bring a breadth of knowledge and experience which encompasses kinases, proteases, GPCRs, cytokine receptors, growth factor receptors, integrins and ion channels, in therapeutic areas such as oncology, respiratory indications (inhaled compounds), CNS and cardiovascular.


Domainex Management

Domainex’s management is world class, recognized for its ability to hit project milestones consistently and to deliver. 

Management Team

Dr Eddy Littler – Chief Executive Officer
Dr Trevor Perrior – Research Director
Dr Joanne McCudden – Head of Business Development

Board of Directors

Dr Keith Powell – Chairman
Dr Eddy Littler – Chief Executive Officer
Prof Laurence Pearl – Chief Scientific Officer
Dr Trevor Perrior – Research Director
Ian Cameron - Non-executive Director

Tony Brampton - Non-executive Director