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Domainex Drug Pipeline

Domainex is developing an oncology and autoimmune disease focussed pipeline of novel drug compounds. We have chosen a number of well-validated but challenging targets, that we have successfully unlocked with our Combinatorial Domain Hunting and LeadBuilder technologies.  The pipeline is focussed upon inhibitors of the dual kinases TBK1/IKKe and on lysine methyltransferases (KMTs) involved in epigenetics,






Crystal Structure

Hit ID





TBK1/IKKε COPD Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick 2014
G9a Oncology (epigenetics) Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick    
Oncology Tick Tick   Tick Tick    
KMT target 4 Oncology Tick Tick          
KMT target 5 Oncology Tick Tick Tick        


TBK1/IKKe Programme

Domainex's TBK1/IKKe programme is approaching candidate drug nomination and will deliver oral drugs for the treatment of a range of cancers and/or COPD.

Epigenetics Programmes

Epigenetics refers to heritable changes in gene expression that occur without alteration in DNA sequence. There are two primary and interconnected epigenetic mechanisms - DNA methylation and covalent modification of histones. 

It is thought that errors in the regulation of histone modification can affect gene activity and therefore lead to tumour initiation or the promotion of tumour progression.

Epigenetics is therefore an exciting area for drug discovery for cancer indications and Domainex has focussed on the development of a pipeline of lysine methyltransferase (KMT) inhibitors.


For all projects, we intend to take these projects into lead optimization and candidate selection, and would welcome enquiries from collaborators who may be interested in working with us on their further development.