Drug Discovery Services

18th September to 20th September 2017
ChemOutsourcing attracts 700-800 chemists and business development personnel from the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, and chemistry services industries to focus on early drug discovery through chemical development and commercial supply.
27th August to 31st August 2017
The 7th EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry will bring together chemists from industry, academia and start-up companies
27th June 2017
COO, Tom Mander will be attending the Genentech Partnering Symposium - a networking event recognising the increasingly important and leading role played by the UK life sciences community in life sciences innovation.
12th July to 13th July 2017
Domainex will participate in ON Helix in Cambridge, 12th to 13th July 2017 – a must-attend translational research conference for the life science industry and academia.
15th June 2017
Domainex will attend SMR – a drug discovery and development event bringing together pharma, biotech, academia, public sector and charitable institutions
Domainex signs multi-year agreement with Dotmatics – a leading provider of scientific informatics – to streamline its integrated drug discovery services
23rd May 2017
Domainex host a webinar looking back on 10 years of fragment based drug discovery and discussing the key requirements for a successful hit discovery programme.
17th May 2017
Join Dr Ray Boffey at the Dotmatics User Group meeting in Tokyo to hear him present on Domainex's implementation of the Dotmatics software.
19th May 2017
Join Dr Ray Boffey at the Dotmatics User Group meeting in Osaka to hear him present on Domainex's implementation of the Dotmatics software.
24th April to 25th April 2017
Domainex attend a meeting organized by the British Pharmacological Society on in silico and in vitro methods in modern drug discovery