Drug Discovery Services

5th March to 7th March 2017
Fragments 2017 meeting will focus on Fragment-based drug discovery where Domainex will be showcasing FragmentBuilder.
23rd April to 27th April 2017
Domainex will be showcasing FragmentBuilder and presenting a case study on the lysine methyltransferase, G9a, as part of the Fragment-based drug discovery track.
Domainex has purchased a Monolith NT. Automated instrument, using MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) technology for high-throughput fragment-based drug discovery.
Johnson Matthey and Domainex have announced a collaboration to provide integrated small molecule pharmaceutical discovery and development services.
21st September to 24th September 2015
Domainex's Research Director, Prof.Trevor Perrior will be presenting at this key industry drug discovery event.  His talk is entitled: Is it real, or is it virtual?  Using the Domainex technology platform to identify novel inhibitors of lysine methyltransferases 
10th June to 12th June 2015
Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Twelfth Annual Mastering Medicinal Chemistry will showcase informative, high quality case studies and successful strategies to tackle the problems facing the medicinal chemistry landscape.
22nd September 2015
The partnering event for CMC outsourcing
28th April 2015
The Cambridge New Therapeutics Forum (CamNTF) is a scientific forum open to all scientists interested in research and development of new therapeutics in Cambridge and the local area.
20th April 2015, Belfast and Cambridge, UK: Dr Dan Longley’s research team at Queen’s University Belfast, and Domainex Ltd., specialists in drug discovery solutions and
11th May 2015
Chemistry Means Business 2015 is the Royal Society of Chemistry's first flagship event for the chemistry-using industry.