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8th November 2011
This is to recognise its work on the development of a new cancer drug against the novel kinase targets TBK1/IKKe.
1st November 2011
Domainex has been awarded a £250,000 grant by the Technology Strategy Board to support development of a new drug for treatment of several common cancers.
6th April 2011
Cambridge Business Media Interview (External link)
7th March 2011
Business Weekly Interview (External link)
7th March 2011
Domainex Ltd, a biotechnology company providing world-class drug discovery services to support both its own and customer research programmes, has announced plans to significantly expand its medicinal chemistry and biology capabilities in 2011.
7th January 2011
Scientists at St George’s, University of London and the University of Manchester have received an additional Seeding Drug Discovery award of £390,000 from the Wellcome Trust to explore a new class of experimental drugs that block the trigger of allergic reactions before symptoms show. Domainex will provide medicinal chemistry services and advice to support the consortium.
15th December 2010
Domainex Ltd, the leading UK-based drug discovery CRO, has won the 2010 Genesis Life Science Innovation and Enterprise Programme Of The Year Award.
1st November 2010
Domainex works with Sigma-Aldrich to advance the study of epigenetic proteins involved in cancer and stem cell biology using Combinatorial Domain Hunting CDH.
1st September 2010
Domainex Ltd announces the appointment of Dr Joanne McCudden as Head of Business Development.