Cell Biology at Domainex

Cell assay services from Domainex

Domainex's experienced team of cell biologists offer a bespoke cellular compound profiling service, from cell assay development to mechanism of action studies as part of our BioassayBuilder platform. This includes studies to support your oncology and inflammatory disease drug discovery programmes, namely:

  • Reporter assays for analysis of biochemical pathways and effect of small molecule inhibitors
    • Useful in GPCR, cAMP and nuclear receptor-focussed drug discovery
  • Biomarker profiling for determining the mechanism of action of a drug
    • Alphascreen technology and FACS
    • Able to analyse up to 20 cytokines to study immune responses
    • Other biomarkers available such as secreted proteins, phosphorylation and kinase levels and histone methylation
  • Phenotypic assays
    • Cell Viability, cell health, cell cycle and cell death
    • Cell based drug combination/synergy studies
  • Long term cellular viability assays
    • Epigenetic targets
    • 3D spheroid cultures
  • Protein expression and target engagement
    • Western blotting
    • FACS

Domainex's cell biology team has broad experience in the above fields and can advise on the best assays to support your drug discovery programme.

We are also happy to provide support for academic grant applications. Please contact us at enquiries@domainex.co.uk for more information on this.