Domainex launches FragmentBuilder at Fragments 2017 in Vienna

Vienna, Austria, 7th March 2017/ Domainex has launched its fragment screening service, FragmentBuilder, at the 6th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based drug discovery meeting, Fragments 2017, in Vienna.  Domainex is the first CRO in the UK to offer MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST) as part of its fragment screening services. 

The 150 international delegates from industry and academia heard Domainex’s Dr Nick Martin present a case study of fragment screening against the lysine methyltransferase G9a, using MST, as well as a talk from MST technology suppliers, NanoTemper.  Speakers highlighted the range of screening methods available and the different screening challenges that they help resolve. ‘It’s great to be here and to meet so many other scientists working at the forefront of fragment screening.  The interest in MST has been significant and it is clear that it’s becoming a key screening technology’, commented Dr Katie Chapman, Domainex’s Assay Biology Group Leader.  ‘A recurring theme has been the need to identify unique binding pockets with both allosteric and orthosteric sites.  We have been able to demonstrate our success in this area using MST, with our case study detailing early mode-of-action studies for both competitive and non-competitive ligands against G9a and its endogenous cofactors and substrates.’


For further information about FragmentBuilder, click here.