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Drug discovery services at Domainex

Domainex is a drug discovery CRO with a reputation for speed and innovation, built on an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery. It has a world-class discovery team with the unrivalled track record of an average of one candidate drug delivered every year in the past six on behalf of its clients.

Domainex offers a one-stop-shop service to meet all your drug discovery needs, from target to candidate.  This includes:

Domainex's focus is on providing a highly efficient and well considered scientific solution to enable successful drug discovery programmes against a wide range of drug targets.

Case Studies

Lysine methyltransferases (KMTs) are involved in epigenetic gene regulation by covalent modification of histones. Domainex has addressed key...
TANK-binding kinase 1 (TBK1) and IkappaB kinase epsilon (IKKε) have been validated as novel drug targets in inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis,...


15th December 2016
Saffron Walden, UK, 15th December 2016 / Domainex Ltd announces today that it has purchased and fully commissioned a Monolith NT.Automated instrument...
19th April 2016
West Deptford, NJ, USA, 19th April 2016 / Johnson Matthey (LSE: JMAT), a leading provider of pharmaceutical services, active pharmaceutical...

Featured Technology


BioassayBuilder is a bioassay platform from protein expression to pre-clinical candidate characterisation that draws upon the skills and experiences of our molecular, biochemical and cellular biologists. It is used to support drug discovery projects across the various stages, for instance assay development and screening to support our LeadBuilder hit identification platform or during medicinal chemistry optimisation of hits and leads. BioassayBuilder services are customised to client needs and can be accessed on a stand-alone basis.

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