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Biophysical, biochemical and cell-based assays optimised to your requirements

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Whether you are looking for high-quality assay biology solutions based on established techniques, or for more innovative assays, the talented Domainex team of protein and assay scientists will strive to deliver what you need.

Our expert biologists have a proven track record of troubleshooting and delivering on the most challenging targets, even those previously regarded as “undruggable”. At Domainex, we understand that your project will have unique aspects, and we work collaboratively with you to develop robust and high-quality assay systems that enable the progression of your project within budget. Domainex will deliver to your requirements, whether enabling reliable screening cascades, or operating a stand-alone assay to address a particular requirement you may have.

We offer a broad range of biophysicalbiochemical and cell-based assays that are optimised to give high quality data. The range of services that we have available enables the comprehensive assessment of your compounds for potency, efficacy, kinetics, mechanism of action, selectivity and more – all under conditions that are as close to being physiologically relevant as is possible.

Bespoke Assay Development

Our experienced team of Assay Biologists will provide a consultative approach throughout, recommending routinely novel approaches and developing tailored solutions when commercially available assays are not suitable or simply do not exist. We provide intellectual input to design assays that will deliver you decision-enabling data sets in a time and cost-effective manner.

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Assay Design Principles

At Domainex we use several important guiding principles when developing off-the-shelf or tailored assays for you:

  • Provision of scientific advice on assay format
  • Quality control of reagents
  • Understanding of assay limits
  • Validation of in vitro pharmacology with known ligands
  • Assessment of assay robustness (Z', S:B ratio, intra- and inter-plate variability etc..)

Above all, we keep in mind at all times your specific requirements and work collaboratively to ensure we achieve the outcome that you require.

To find out more about the specific Domainex assay development and screening capabilities of interest to you, please click on the links below:

Domainex is also able to clone and express your target protein, to support assay development, if required.