Synthetic Chemistry

Tailored synthetic routes to generate target molecules to high specification

You can access Domainex’s synthetic chemistry services either as part of an integrated medicinal chemistry programme, or as a stand-alone service to make a specific biologically-active compound or fine chemical that you need for your project.

Tailored Synthetic Chemistry

Our chemistry team will use their extensive experience to design synthetic routes for you, and to do this they draw upon our wide range of synthetic expertise and technology including:

  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • Asymmetric synthesis
  • Microwave-assisted synthesis
  • Flow chemistry
  • Ozonolysis
  • Photochemistry (UV & Blue-light LED)
  • Solid-supported (resin) chemistry
  • Hydrogenation (H-Cube, Parr)
  • Focused libraries
  • Amino-acids and peptidomimetics
  • PROTAC chemistry
  • Biological-probe synthesis (e.g. biotinylated probes for pull-down assays)
  • Pro-drug synthesis
  • Preparation of organometallic compounds
  • Preparation of organophosphorus compounds
Synthetic Chemistry Image
Analysis and Purification

Analysis and Purification

Domainex chemists have access in-house to parallel synthesis equipment and they routinely employ medium-throughput chemistry and analytical techniques. When used as part of a drug discovery programme, this allows rapid exploration of structure activity relationships (SAR) and when developing new chemistry it enables route-scouting and reaction conditions to be evaluated quickly.

Our chemists are able to carry out their own routine analysis and purifications on our automated systems, meaning that your compounds can be produced more efficiently and quickly. However, our dedicated team of highly skilled, analytical and purification chemists is available for more challenging analytical studies if required.

Scale Up

Domainex has a scale-up facility on-site with the capacity to carry out reactions on a 10L scale. The team uses an Asynt ReactoMate CLR reactor system with a Julabo Presto heater/chiller and a Buchi R-220 Pro Rotavapor®. This facility is routinely used to provide high-purity compounds and intermediates to enable large-scale studies (typically in batches of up to 500g).

Scale Up Image