ADME and Bioanalytical Sciences

Providing essential understanding of drug metabolism and interaction using bioanalytical expertise


Domainex offers you a comprehensive suite of assays that provide essential information on the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of your novel compounds, determined via our suite of bioanalytical services.

ADME testing results can be used to predict how they will behave in the body, and to assess their potential for adverse interactions with other drugs. This valuable information is used by our medicinal chemists, combined with biological screening data, in order to select compounds for progression and to identify candidate drugs in the shortest time possible.

In Vitro ADME Assays

Our ADME services are provided to you as part of our integrated drug discovery services. We can provide a range of in vitro tests including:

ADME Lead Image

Pharmacokinetic Services

For the next stage of ADME assessment, we can arrange for your compounds to be tested by our research partners, in routine or customised pharmacokinetic assays. Domainex has built up excellent working relationships with a number of third party organisations, giving you a seamless solution for PK profiling during Lead Optimisation.