Client Testimonials

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With an unrivalled track record of solving research challenges, our highly experienced scientific team delivers successful outcomes efficiently and quickly.

We work closely and collaboratively with ambitious life science organisations globally. See what some of them have to say about working with Domainex:

Peter Bunyard - Director of Immunology, and Alessandro Mazzacani - R&D project Manager, Sitryx Therapeutics

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Working with Domainex is a pleasure! The Domainex team have been integral to our project team - providing biology, crystallography and chemistry expertise in drug discovery that is highly valued by Sitryx. Their professionalism, friendliness, open communication style and approachability has meant we’ve been able to navigate our way through complex biology and challenging medicinal chemistry with maximum engagement and minimal frustration. Domainex employees have gone the extra-mile to accommodate difficult requests and have worked collaboratively and exhaustively to give our project the best possible chance of success. 

Domainex team has demonstrated exceptional levels of customer service during our collaboration. Open communication with Domainex leadership has been a constant feature, ensuring alignment between resources allocation and project’s goals and timelines. 

David Knight - Senior Scientist, DJS Antibodies 

Working with Domainex on a PoLiPa project has enabled us to establish novel technologies. We were impressed with their willingness to be flexible away from their standard protocol to expedite timelines and we had a collaborative relationship with their protein scientists.

Dr Paul Little – CEO, Vesper Bio ApS

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Vesper Bio has enjoyed an ongoing collaboration with Domainex for some years now. We have been impressed by their ability to generate important data in various complex assays and to provide important insights and analysis.

Dr Richard Bethell - Chief Development Officer, STipe Therapeutics

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Having used Domainex as our primary provider of out-sourced chemistry for the last two years, we continue to be impressed by their professionalism: not only do they provide an effective synthetic chemistry service, but by communicating transparently, proposing new approaches to target compounds, and highlighting new external developments in relevant areas of medicinal chemistry, they contribute to the direction of our program while minimizing cycle times.

Dr Neil Miller - CEO, NRG Therapeutics

NRG Therapeutics

We chose Domainex as our lead CRO partner to support the lead optimisation phase of a neuroscience project funded by a Biomedical Catalyst Award from Innovate UK. Excellent progress has been made by the medicinal chemistry and biology teams at Domainex, and the project is on track to deliver its next milestone.

Paul Lehner FmedSci FRS - Professor of Immunology and Medicine, University of Cambridge

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Domainex on our medicinal chemistry, drug discovery project. The whole team were professional, responsive and incredibly effective. In a relatively short time period we achieved what would have taken at least twice as long with other companies. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough, and look forward to working with the Domainex team again.

Dr Dominic Tisi - Director, Molecular Sciences, Astex Pharmaceuticals

We have worked with Domainex on several structural biology projects over the past 3 years. The Domainex team have coupled high quality science with effective communication and have been efficient in delivering timely and impactful results on proteins from multiple, challenging, target classes.

Andrew Leech - Director, Industry Engagement, Queensland University of Technology

Domainex were great to work with, knowledge and experience were first rate, the project was carried out in a timely manner, and they were happy to assist with follow up questions, and tailor the outputs to exactly what we needed.

Professor Helen Philippou - Professor of Translational Medicine, Lunac Therapeutics

Lunac Therapeutics Logo

Domainex have provided us with integrated drug discovery services including medicinal chemistry, assay biology and ADME. The team were great to work with in a collaborative partnership. The scientists have contributed strategic insight and intellectual input across a range of disciplines. This support was invaluable in areas of expertise on the overall drug discovery process. I’ve really enjoyed working together with such a dedicated, highly skilled and professional team.

I would recommend Domainex to anyone looking for a provider of drug discovery services.

Professor Daniel Longley – Deputy Director of the Patrick G. Johnston Centre for Cancer Research, Queen’s University Belfast

QUB logo

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Dr Boffey and the Domainex team on this project. Without their first class medicinal chemistry expertise and the use of their Leadbuilder virtual screening platform at the outset of the programme, we would not have been able to secure the support of The Wellcome Trust and advance the programme to the stage it has now reached.

Marc Gleeson – CEO, Azura Ophthalmics

Azura Logo

Domainex with their deep industry experience, have been able to solve complex synthetic, medicinal and analytical chemistry challenges to deliver project outcomes for Azura in a timely and efficient manner. They’ve been able to flexibly resource our program to deliver high quality results and support tight patent timelines.

Dr Julie Cherrington – Board Member, Que Oncology

Que Oncology Logo

Domainex have been able to flexibly resource our program to deliver high quality results in a timely and efficient manner. They have coordinated provision of a complex biophysical and biochemical data package to allow compound progression decisions to be rapidly made.

Dr David Moffat - Chief Technology officer,  Macrophage Pharma

Macrophage logo

Macrophage Pharma places a high value on the integrated drug discovery services provided by Domainex. The quality of medicinal chemistry support from hit ID through to candidate nomination is extremely high, supported by excellent discovery biology and analytical functions. In a number of instances Domainex were able to provide bespoke high content cellular assays adding significant value to our projects.

Dr Rich Boyce – Senior Director of Research, PhoreMost Ltd.

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Domainex is a highly valuable partner in PhoreMost’s drug discovery programmes. The company’s expertise in virtual screening, through its LeadBuilder Platform, has allowed the identification of small molecule hits to challenging biological targets which are now being pursued at PhoreMost.

Domainex’s deep knowledge and expertise in computational chemistry is enabling us to progress multiple projects quickly and cost effectively.

Dr Jack Kennefick - Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Tagomics

Tagomics logo

We have been really impressed with the service at Domainex, from initial discussion to delivery of the project. The Domainex team are attentive, well organised, and knowledgeable. They always take the time to understand our exact needs and consistently deliver high-quality results, in a time efficient manner.

Professor Martin Griffin - Aston University

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We have been working with Domainex for a number of years now. They have always been highly professional, efficient and importantly as enthusiastic and dedicated to the work as we have been which is a good recipe for success.

Dr Richard Voellmy - CEO and CSO, HSF Pharmaceuticals SA, Switzerland

We have been working with Domainex for almost 15 years. During this time, Domainex has been our key partner for computational chemistry (LeadBuilder virtual screening and target evaluation) and lead compound improvement chemistry.  The Domainex team has always been proactive, highly professional, easy to work with and has greatly benefitted our programs through its deep computational chemistry knowledge and its excellent synthetic chemistry skills. Perhaps the best testament to our successful collaboration is our joint publication in NAR (DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkx194). We certainly intend to continue this partnership.