Client Testimonials

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With an unrivalled track record of solving research challenges, our highly experienced scientific team delivers successful outcomes efficiently and quickly.

We work closely and collaboratively with ambitious life science organisations globally. See what some of them have to say about working with Domainex:

Professor Michael Schneider – Imperial College

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What was the key challenge of the project, and why did you choose to work with Domainex?

A principal challenge for us, seeking an inhibitor of a protein kinase that mediates human cardiac muscle cell death, was that most ATP competitive inhibitors are very promiscuous. We needed to improve our tool compound’s bioavailability, without sacrificing potency and selectivity. Domainex are experienced with other kinase targets, and their emphasis on structure-guided medicinal chemistry was indispensable to my success.

How would you describe working with the team at Domainex?

For me, partnering with Domainex was nothing short of ideal. The skill set, alacrity, knowledge base, effort, responsiveness and effectiveness of all team members is superb, at every level of seniority. I always look forward to our monthly project team meetings, and learn from them immensely.

What was the successful outcome of the project?

We successfully created novel small-molecule inhibitors of the stress-activated protein kinase MAP4K4, which inhibit the death of human heart muscle cells grown in the lab and successfully suppress the damage caused by heart attacks in mice. Our collaboration has resulted in £7M of Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery support.

Would you work with Domainex on future projects?

I would gladly work with Domainex again and indeed have a nascent collaboration that was just funded. Ready, willing, and very, very able.

Professor Alan Ashworth – Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

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The Domainex team went far beyond our expectations of a service provider. They were proactive, knowledgeable, and true partners in what we were trying to achieve. I would work with them again without hesitation.

Dr Rich Boyce – Senior Director of Research, PhoreMost Ltd.

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Domainex is a highly valuable partner in PhoreMost’s drug discovery programmes. The company’s expertise in virtual screening, through its LeadBuilder Platform, has allowed the identification of small molecule hits to challenging biological targets which are now being pursued at PhoreMost.

Domainex’s deep knowledge and expertise in computational chemistry is enabling us to progress multiple projects quickly and cost effectively.

Dr Neil Miller – Auspherix

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What technical expertise has Domainex been able to provide you?

Auspherix operates a semi-virtual drug discovery model and, following a rigorous search, selected Domainex as our preferred partner to provide medicinal chemistry support. This choice was based on the specific synthetic and analytical chemistry expertise Domainex offers, and on the belief that the two organisations shared similar philosophies and could work effectively together.

What have been the key ingredients to a successful partnership with Domainex?

The full integration of the Domainex scientists into the project team has been crucial. They have shown real commitment to the project and have been instrumental in helping solve a number of key scientific challenges we have faced over the last 2-3 years. Their passion to do the very best science and to help achieve the project’s objectives has been very clear from the start.

Dr Andrew Lightfoot – CEO, Procarta Ltd.

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Procarta has used Domainex synthetic and analytical services extensively and found the scientists to be highly skilled and professional, delivering to time, quality and budget.

In particular, the analytical department have responded to our time bound requests readily and have determined bioanalytical methods that have frustrated other suppliers.

The UK location has allowed prompt face to face discussions, problem solving and decision making, making Domainex an integral member of our project team

Dr Neil Weir – formerly Senior Vice President, Discovery Research UCB

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The partnership with Domainex has been invaluable for our MEK discovery program. Successful collaborations, such as this, are a key part of UCB’s innovative and cutting-edge research. We hope that the novel class of MEK inhibitors which the UCB team discovered will bring benefits to patients.

Dr Richard Voellmy - CEO and CSO, HSF Pharmaceuticals SA, Switzerland

We have been working with Domainex for almost 15 years. During this time, Domainex has been our key partner for computational chemistry (LeadBuilder virtual screening and target evaluation) and lead compound improvement chemistry.  The Domainex team has always been proactive, highly professional, easy to work with and has greatly benefitted our programs through its deep computational chemistry knowledge and its excellent synthetic chemistry skills. Perhaps the best testament to our successful collaboration is our joint publication in NAR (DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkx194). We certainly intend to continue this partnership.

Professor Martin Griffin - Aston University

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We have been working with Domainex for a number of years now. They have always been highly professional, efficient and importantly as enthusiastic and dedicated to the work as we have been which is a good recipe for success.