Service Partners

Domainex offers a wide range of drug discovery services within its laboratories in Cambridge; including medicinal and computational chemistry, biochemical assay and cell-based assay development, hit identification and in vitro DMPK. For additional areas of drug discovery, not covered internally by Domainex; Domainex has partnered with a range of companies to support your needs. This includes:


Pharmidex Logo

Domainex and its closely located partner, Pharmidex, have built up an excellent working relationship over a number of years; ensuring speed and efficiency at all stages of your discovery programme.

Pharmidex provides an extensive range of ADMET technologies aimed at optimizing potential new medicines for drug development risks using both preclinical and human prediction data. Together with a wealth of knowledge and experience in CNS, CV, respiratory and inflammatory discovery programmes, Pharmidex can aid rapid progression and improvement in the probability of success of potential new medicines.

Pharmidex's offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Blood distribution and protein binding
    • Plasma protein binding - human & most species
    • Blood partitioning - human & most species
    • Tissue partitioning human & most species
    • Blood to brain partitioning - human & most species (fraction unbound)
  • Cell Permeability and transporter interactions
    • Cell permeation - passive and Pgp mediated (MDR/MDCK)
  • CYP interactions
    • Inhibition in singly-expressed human P450 inhibition
    • Inhibition of Human P450 in microsomes (probe drugs via LC-MS/MS)
    • Time dependent inhibition of human P450s
    • Induction- Human P450 induction in hepatocytes
    • Reaction Phenotyping -Human P450Â isoform specific metabolism reactive metabolism glutathione trapping
    • Metabolite identification in biological samples


Cresset logo

Cresset and Domainex have formed an alliance to provide their customers with world-class laboratory-based and computational drug discovery services through a seamless combination of their respective capabilities in chemistry and biology.

The alliance will give clients fully-integrated access to the renowned expertise of Domainex in protein expression, biochemical assays, hit identification, computational and medicinal chemistry; and to Cresset’s world-class approach to hit identification and drug design using its proprietary computational technologies.