Andrew Ratcliffe PhD

Group Leader, Chemistry

Dr Andrew Ratcliffe ‘AJ’ is a Group Leader in medicinal chemistry with over 30 years’ of drug discovery gained across large pharma and biotech companies. AJ has worked successfully in all stages of drug discovery, from early hit identification through to candidate nomination.  Prior to joining the Domainex team, AJ has worked at Rhone Poulenc Rorer, Celltech, UCB, Cellzome, Redx Anti-infectives and Novintum Bioscience. During this time, he has taken leadership roles in delivering research projects, cumulating in the nomination of multiple small molecule candidates in the areas of RA (two JAK kinase inhibitors), oncology (mitochondrial disruptor) and MS (two VLA4 integrin antagonists). The VLA4 integrin antagonist, CDP323, was progressed to phase II clinical trials in MS.

Other key areas of research have focused on PDEIV inhibitors, IMPDH inhibitors, JNK and PI3K delta kinase inhibitors (which ultimately led to the identification and progression of UCB5857 into clinical trials), and DNA Gyrase inhibitors as anti-bacterial agents (which led to European funding through the ENABLE initiative). AJ has experience in IP management and was a proactive committee member within the Society of Medicines, a multi-disciplinary society engaged in promoting drug research.

AJ completed his first degree and PhD at the University of Bath under Dr Malcolm Sainsbury, followed by a SERC NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship at Duke University, North Carolina, USA with Professor Bert Frasier-Reid. AJ has over 70 publications covering peer reviewed papers and patents.