Catherine Stace PhD

Director of Business Development

Dr Catherine Stace ‘Cat’ has 14 years’ experience in therapeutic discovery and health-tech, gained at companies such as XenoVida, Cancer Targeting Systems, Bicycle Therapeutics and Isogenica. Prior to joining Domainex in 2019, Cat ran her own consultancy business providing technology advice to early-stage biotech companies, focusing on the strategic design of technology platforms to support commercial growth and innovation.

Cat began her career at Isogenica in 2006, where she developed novel cell-based applications of the platform technology and participated in therapeutic discovery projects. Cat joined Bicycle Therapeutics in 2010 as one of the original team responsible for establishing & optimising their industrial discovery platform. She is a named inventor on patents for core technology and clinical candidates, and led the Phage Display team 2014-16. Collectively, Cat has worked on over 30 therapeutic programmes across a wide range of target classes, in many cases leading hit id & hit-to-lead projects and contributing to downstream development strategies.

Cat obtained her PhD in Cell Biology from the University of Cambridge (Babraham Institute), graduated from Nottingham with an MSci in Biochemistry, and is a certified Systems Engineer (INCOSE).