Ray Boffey PhD

Head of Chemistry

Dr. Ray Boffey has over 20 years’ drug discovery experience in CRO and biotech companies. He joined Domainex in 2010, having previously worked at Lectus Therapeutics where he focused on ion-channel drug discovery programmes. Prior to that, Ray led medicinal chemistry teams working on behalf of global pharma companies at Argenta Discovery after starting his career at Oxford Glycosciences.


Over his career Ray has directed programmes from hit identification through to candidate nomination tackling a wide range of biological targets including protein-protein interactions, ion-channels, GPCRs, enzymes (iNOS, caspase, PARP, and kinases) and integrins. These programmes cover therapeutic areas such as oncology, inflammation (including asthma and COPD), Parkinson’s disease, stroke, circadian rhythms, anti-fungal project and pain. As a result, Ray is a named inventor and author of numerous patents and publications. 


Ray conducted his post-doctoral research at Imperial College, working with Professor A. G. M Barrett FRS and obtained his PhD from the University of Southampton in 1999, where he researched the ‘Diastereoselective samarium(II) iodide-mediated cascade radical cyclisations of methylenecyclopropane derivatives’ and synthesised the natural product (±)-Paeonilactone B with Professor Jeremy Kilburn.