Stefanie Reich PhD

Head of Protein Science

Dr. Stefanie Reich joined Domainex in 2006 and leads the Protein Science Group. She has successfully managed over 50 internal and client-based projects, using a range of techniques, including gene design, molecular biology, protein expression and purification and structural analysis.  Stefanie was a key member of the team that developed Combinatorial Domain Hunting (CDH) and is an expert in its application to difficult protein expression problems.   She has worked on a wide range of proteins including kinases, epigenetic targets, transcription factors, proteases and protein-protein interactions.


Stefanie obtained her PhD from the Humboldt University Berlin, working with Prof Detlev Krüger at the Humboldt University Charité Medical School (Berlin, Germany), where she studied protein-DNA interactions, using techniques including electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy. She conducted her post-doctoral research at Birkbeck College (London, UK).