Trevor Perrior PhD

Photo of Prof Trevor Perrior, Domainex's CEO

In an industrial career spanning 35 years, Professor Trevor Perrior has led drug discovery teams that have delivered numerous development candidates across several therapeutic areas. Following his education at the University of Cambridge Trevor undertook academic research at Cambridge, Oxford and in the USA.  He then held a number of senior R&D leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies ICI, Zeneca, AstraZeneca and Celltech, where he worked on sites in the UK, USA, and Switzerland.


In 2005 he joined NCE Discovery as Chief Scientific Officer, and when NCE Discovery merged with Domainex he became Director of Research for the enlarged company.  In 2016 he was appointed Chief Scientific Officer of Domainex, and then in 2018 Chief Executive Officer.  Trevor is also a scientific consultant to a number of venture capital and charitable funds.