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Domainex team recently promoted

Photo (L to R): Jon Powell, Mark Stewart, Rehan Aqil, Sam Braidley, Ausra Jablonskyte, Katie Day, Alec O’Keeffe, Tayo Alleyne-Weir.

At Domainex, our team is what makes us a success. We are proud to be a diverse team of scientists working closely together using cutting-edge technologies, leveraging all of our varied experiences, and working in an inclusive environment to stimulate innovative ideas to solve our customers’ most complex drug discovery challenges. That’s why we’re so keen not only to recruit the best talent, but also to nurture the team we have, giving them the opportunities to grow and develop.

We’d like to thank all of our team for their hard work in what has been a challenging last couple of years during this pandemic. Despite all the challenges, we have managed to grow by over 80% in this time. Without our dedicated employees, we would not be where we are today: a growing organisation working with life science organisations all around the world to progress medicines research across a variety of disease settings.

In particular we’d like to congratulate some members of staff who have recently been promoted:

Dr Jon Powell, Group Leader, Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Mark Stewart, Group Leader, Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Rehan Aqil, Principal scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Mr Sam Braidley, Senior Scientist II, Analytical Chemistry
Dr Ausra Jablonskyte, Senior Scientist II, Analytical Chemistry
Dr Katie Day, Principal Scientist, Protein Science
Dr Alec O’Keeffe, Senior Scientist II, Assay Biology
Mr Tayo Alleyne-Weir, Senior Scientist I, Assay Biology

Congratulations to them all – their promotions are richly deserved!

We look forward to seeing how our promotees bring their skills and attributes to bear as they take on new responsibilities. We are making scientific breakthroughs to progress our clients’ drug discovery projects and our working environment is built around taking ownership of the challenges we face and allowing innovation to flourish.

If you’re interested in growing your career with Domainex, check out our current vacancies. With our broad offering of integrated services, including medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, bio-analytics, protein production, X-ray crystallography and assay biology, we provide career growth opportunities for people from a wide range of backgrounds and a benefits package to match. We’re always looking for friendly, collaborative, skilled and passionate people to join our multi-disciplinary team. 

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