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Drug discovery services at Domainex

Domainex is Europe's fastest growing drug discovery CRO with a reputation for speed and innovation.  Built on an exceptional track record of drug candidate delivery, it has a world-class discovery team with the unrivalled track record of an average of one candidate drug delivered every year.

Domainex’s discovery platform technologies enable rapid progression of drug discovery projects, from drug target through to Candidate Drug; even for challenging drug targets.

Domainex saves time over conventional approaches, by means of its Combinatorial Domain Hunting technology for the expression of protein for structural studies and assay design, LeadBuilder virtual and fragment-based approaches to hit identification, and its integrated approach to medicinal and computational chemistry.

In a Nature Reviews Drug Discovery article (Pammolli et al., 2011), it was reported that the average drug discovery timelines within big pharma companies are 4½ years from target to Candidate Drug. However, Domainex is able to significantly reduce this time by up to 30% (9-12 months from target to lead, 2 years for lead optimization) through use of its proprietary technologies, and its innovative and creative approach to discovery.

We offer a one-stop-shop service to meet all your drug discovery needs, from target to candidate.

Case Studies

G9a is a lysine methyltransferase (KMT) involved in epigenetic gene regulation by covalent modification of histones. It catalyses the transfer of...
Auspherix and Domainex worked together to develop a novel class of gold(I) antibiotics, with a broad spectrum antibacterial activity against the so-...


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Fragment screening using MicroScale Thermophoresis

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Combinatorial Domain Hunting
: Protein expression and purification services.

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: Bioassay services, assay development, HTS and compound testing services.

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: Virtual hit screening platform.

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