Protein Expression - for Assay Development and Structural Studies

Molecular biologist working in Domainex’s laboratories on protein expression for assay development and structural studies

The availability of sufficient protein of good quality can be rate limiting for many drug discovery programmes, as a lack of target protein supply can hamper the ability to establish hit screening assays and to complete structural studies.

As part of our BioassayBuilder platform, Domainex's biology team is able to clone, express and purify your proteins of interest and can produce protein at the required levels for ongoing biochemical compound screening or structural studies, extremely quickly, whether in E. coli or insect cells, up to the 12 L or 5 L scale respectively.

Domainex's scientists' experience is broad and they have successfully provided protein for a wide range of drug discovery programmes, including, but not limited to: kinases, proteases, protein-protein interactions, protein methyltransferases and demethylases. In cases where standard bioinformatics or literature-informed molecular biology approaches are not appropriate, Domainex is able to offer its proprietary high throughput cloning technology, Combinatorial Domain Hunting (CDH), which quickly enables the screening of 30,000-100,000 different gene constructs of a given target protein. For more information regarding CDH, please click here.

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