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DISCOVERY TECHNOLOGIES 2021 – A meeting to advance drug discovery through innovative technological development

Domainex sponsored and attended DISCOVERY TECHNOLOGIES 2021, gaining an excellent opportunity to share and discover the latest technological advances in drug discovery

During the second half of 2021, it has been wonderful to see the increasing return of in-person meetings and the adoption of hybrid models to extend their accessibility across the scientific community. Domainex sponsored the DISCOVERY TECHNOLOGIES 2021 meeting at Alderley Park in Cheshire, hosted by ELRIG on 9th &10th November, and sent a small delegation including David Cronk (Chief of Staff), Trevor Askwith (Head of Assay Biology), Jana Wolf (Team Leader, Assay Biology) and Rachel Pearce (Associate Director of Business Development).

The conference focused on three core themes: Emerging Discovery Strategies, Hit Triage, and Mass Spectrometry & Biophysical Approaches in Early Drug Discovery, with an overall aim of demonstrating advancements against novel targets through innovative technological development, the exploitation of big data and the application of modern screening methods and strategies.

Dr Jana Wolf delivered a concise presentation - Utilizing biophysics to kick start drug discovery projects - highlighting the efficient application of two of Domainex’s favoured modern biophysical methods for hit identification and orthogonal screening: MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST)/Temperature Related Intensity Change (TRIC) and Grating Coupled Interferometry (GCI, a technique similar to SPR).

Domainex also displayed two posters, showcasing our approach to covalent fragment screening utilising our highly sensitive Q-ToF instrument; and our use of Creoptix WAVE’s “Rapid Kinetics” mode during GCI screening to accelerate the measurement of kinetic parameters in fragment library screening.

We enjoyed hearing about the advances made by Perdita Barran’s group at the University of Manchester, in miniaturising the format applicable for direct infusion of biotransformations to the mass spectrometer (DiBT-MS) for high throughput analyses utilising readily available lab consumables, reducing the environmental burden of sample preparation.

We were also encouraged to hear about the clinical advancements made by Imagen’s predictRx platform in high-content screening to identify the most relevant therapies for cancer patients, and how this model can be further utilised in the development of novel treatments to fight cancer.

With ample time for networking and conversation, the event was a great opportunity to catch-up with old acquaintances and to make new connections. If you were unable to speak to us at this event but would like to find out about Domainex’s integrated drug discovery CRO services, get in touch now.

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