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Domainex article featured on the front cover of Molecular Pharmacology

A collaboration between St George's, University of London and Domainex has resulted in several publications. The most recent, published in the September 2018 issue of Molecular Pharmacology, has been featured on the front cover of the journal. 

The review entitled: "Allergen Delivery Inhibitors: A Rationale for Targeting Sentinel Innate Immune Signaling of Group 1 House Dust Mite Allergens through Structure-Based Protease Inhibitor Design" addresses the general background to HDM proteins and the validation of group 1 allergens as putative drug targets. It then goes on to describe the structure-based drug design of the first-in-class representatives of allergen delivery inhibitors aimed at neutralizing the proteolytic effects of HDM group 1 allergens, which are essential to the development and maintenance of allergic diseases.

Article Figure 9

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