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How can Domainex enrich your medicines pipeline?

Domainex has been working with leading pharmaceutical and biotech organisations since 2001, providing the highest standards in drug discovery to create innovative solutions, build dynamic relationships and enrich our partners’ medicines pipelines across a range of human diseases. But what makes us different from any other contract research organisation (CRO)? And how can we help progress your research and add value to your pipeline?

Developing a drug can feel like panning for gold; finding an effective candidate that doesn’t cause undesirable side effects and progressing this through clinical trials to reach patients can take over 10 years and cost millions, if not billions, of dollars. Any way to accelerate the process and strengthen your medicines pipeline with more high-quality candidates can only be a good thing, for pharma companies and patients alike.

So why engage an external organisation?

Employing an external research partner to support the discovery and development of your drug candidate is often vital to improving project success. Firstly, the diverse service portfolio offered by CROs means all pre-clinical activities can be outsourced. This allows you to operate a drug development programme where you otherwise might not have the capacity. The problem of limited internal resources is resolved by instant access to the broad range of services and expertise required to develop a promising pre-clinical drug candidate.

Bringing new medicines to the market is a truly interdisciplinary field, and as such requires expertise across a broad range of scientific disciplines in the discovery phase, including biology, medicinal and analytical chemistry, as well as a wide variety of therapy areas. This range may be limited within one organisation, so bringing on a medicines research partner with experience in many areas can provide the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge. An integrated drug discovery services provider will coordinate these different areas to maximise efficiency and produce a high-quality pre-clinical target candidate on time and within budget.

One-stop-shop CROs house all your pre-clinical development needs, from hit identification to lead optimisation, within one organisation. With these resources in place and designed to start working as soon as they are called upon, you can save a significant amount of time by employing a CRO. By closely integrating internal and external teams, progress and results can be regularly fed back to advance your project and further accelerate the drug discovery process.

A well-established corporate culture can be beneficial in upholding an organisation’s core values, but sometimes sticking to familiar approaches can narrow your view and result in alternative avenues being overlooked. As we develop drugs targeting novel disease pathways, innovative and creative ideas are needed, so bringing on a partner with a fresh outlook can provide new approaches that could benefit the discovery process.

Recent advances in drug discovery have been driven by the development of new technology, particularly in analytical instrumentation, biophysical techniques and imaging. Whilst individual organisations may not have the latest technologies and instrumentation in-house, partnering with an experienced CRO will provide access to these assets along with the expertise of the CRO staff in developing and optimising these new technologies.

Well-structured collaborative research projects will be captured in a Statement of Work setting out the resource, timelines, project management, fees and deliverables, enabling you to plan your budgets and have an idea of when you might reach project milestones. This structure instils discipline into a project and creates the basis to measure progress along the way.

Why Domainex?

As Europe’s fastest growing drug discovery CRO1 with a reputation for speed and innovation, Domainex is the drug discovery research partner of choice, creating innovative solutions, building dynamic relationships and enriching your medicines pipeline across a range of human diseases. We recognise that every project is unique, so our integrated and collaborative approach allows us to work closely with our partners and tailor our services specifically to your needs.

Domainex offers a portfolio of proprietary platform technologies to enable rapid progression of drug discovery projects, from target through to candidate. We are able to draw from expertise across a wide range of therapy areas, including oncology, inflammation, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, to progress projects both within these areas and in other, related development areas. This cross-pollination of ideas is also demonstrated by the close integration of our departments, with regular exchange of data and knowledge to feedback into the research process and inform important decisions.

But you don’t just have to take our word for it. Domainex has a proven track record, delivering an average of one candidate drug every year. We have established a strong reputation with a very high level of repeat business, illustrated through multiple publications and case studies. This is without doubt down to our highly qualified and experienced scientists who become committed members of your team, and an extension of your resources. Our multi-disciplinary team has a wealth of experience in drug discovery (on average over 12 years per scientist) gained from a variety of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as from leading academic institutes.

As we approach our 20th anniversary next year, we looked back on the significant changes in the drug discovery landscape and the ways the Company has developed; with lots of new faces, expertise and technologies to help progress your medicines research. It therefore felt like the right time to reflect this progress with a new logo, website and branding. Take a look around the new website to find out more about Domainex, what we do and why we’re the drug discovery research partner of choice.

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