Press room

3rd February 2016
Latest winner of Domainex Discovery STAR Award is Dr Aude Echalier, Lecturer in Structural Biology of Cancer Related Targets at the University of Leicester.
25th January 2016
Domainex Ltd. and Cresset Discovery Services, today announced an alliance to provide their customers with world-class laboratory-based and computational drug discovery services through a seamless combination of their respective capabilities in chemistry and biology.
15th December 2015
A new £3.4 million programme will develop new tools to understand which interactions between proteins in the human body are relevant to disease.
29th October 2015
London, UK and Cambridge, UK, 29th October 2015 / Domainex Ltd. announced today that it is expanding all aspects of its drug discovery service business including biology, analytical chemistry and medicinal chemistry.
20th October 2015
London, UK and Cambridge, UK, 20th October 2015 / Domainex Ltd. and Imperial College London today announce a new partnership focused on the discovery of novel therapies to treat myocardial infarction, also known as a heart attack.
7th October 2015
Domainex Ltd. is pleased to announce that it is enlisting the support of Shin Kitaoka of BioGemini Ltd. to provide advice on expansion into the Japanese market
15th September 2015
Domainex and Auspherix today announce an expansion of their collaboration to develop new drugs to tackle the growing threat of resistance to antibiotics. The programme has been extended through to 2017.
3rd September 2015
Current Challenges, Novel Tools and Emerging Targets with Trevor Perrior, Ph.D., Director, Research, Domainex Limited Gregg Siegal, Ph.D., CEO, ZoBio
1st July 2015
Domainex Ltd, a private drug discovery service company, today announces that it is launching an integrated bioassay service platform, BioassayBuilder.
11th May 2015
Domainex announces the grant of US and European patents for its lead programme, targeting IKK-epsilon and TBK1 for the treatment of COPD and Psoriasis.