Press room

20th April 2015
20th April 2015, Belfast and Cambridge, UK: Dr Dan Longley’s research team at Queen’s University Belfast, and Domainex Ltd., specialists in drug discovery solutions and translational research support; today annou
8th April 2015
Barry Knight is a Chartered Accountant and brings extensive financial expertise to Domainex, having been an executive director for Life Sciences companies for more than 25 years.  Barry was previously Finance Director of both Trigen Holdings plc and AIM-listed Fulcrum Pharma plc.
26th February 2015
Domainex spoke with PharmaTelevision in December 2014 to explain the collaboration with ZoBio and the combination of Domainex's CDH technology with ZoBio's state-of-the-art NMR capabilities; Domainex's work on behalf of Auspherix and Domainex's future strategicplanning
8th December 2014
ZoBio and Domainex Ltd. announce a collaboration with FORMA Therapeutics to provide NMR-based structural biology services for a substantial panel of FORMA drug targets.
3rd December 2014
Novel approach to treating asthma: Neutralize the trigger
15th October 2014
Cambridge, UK and Sydney, Australia - 15 October 2014 - Domainex Ltd. and Auspherix Pty Ltd today announced a collaboration that will progress Auspherix’s novel anti-infective drug discovery programme towards the nomination of a clinical
9th July 2014
Domainex today announced a potent lead compound in a model of COPD and has also won a £1.4m Biomedical Catalyst Award for Phase I clinical studies
1st June 2014
Domainex Ltd. has successfully completed in-vivo studies examining its proprietary selective inhibitors of IKK-epsilon and TBK1 in inflammation models.
7th April 2014
Domainex programme shows great promise for the treatment of inflammatory diseases, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
5th November 2013
Domainex CSO, Prof Laurence Pearl, wins prestigious CRUK Translational Research Award