Press room

1st October 2009
Domainex Ltd has released the next generation of its LeadBuilder virtual screening technology.
1st July 2009
Domainex announced an extension of its research agreement with Ark Therapeutics. Under the terms of the agreement Domainex will continue to provide Ark with hit-finding and lead optimization services for drug discovery against novel and exciting therapeutic targets nominated by the company.
1st June 2009
Domainex provides drug discovery services to St George's London and The University of Manchester in a £ 4million asthma treatment collaboration funded by The Wellcome Trust Seeding Drug Discovery Initiative.
1st May 2009
Natural products drug company Hypha Discovery signs deal with Domainex to support its research programme on novel oncology drugs
1st March 2009
Domainex announced a collaboration on exciting drug discovery programmes with the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre and The Institute of Cancer Research to identify and develop inhibitors of two recently validated breast cancer targets, tankyrase and IKK-epsilon.