Press room

15th December 2010
Domainex Ltd, the leading UK-based drug discovery CRO, has won the 2010 Genesis Life Science Innovation and Enterprise Programme Of The Year Award.
1st November 2010
Domainex works with Sigma-Aldrich to advance the study of epigenetic proteins involved in cancer and stem cell biology using Combinatorial Domain Hunting CDH.
1st September 2010
Domainex Ltd announces the appointment of Dr Joanne McCudden as Head of Business Development.
1st April 2010
Domainex will now provide lead optimization services that will assist Ashworth's team to develop drug candidates targeting this enzyme.
1st February 2010
The two-stage funding round will bring in a significant investment from Longbow, The Capital Fund, Bury Fitzwilliam-Lay & Partners LLP, and Takeda Research Investment, Inc. (TRI).
1st October 2009
Domainex Ltd has released the next generation of its LeadBuilder virtual screening technology.