Biochemical Assay Development

Biochemical assay development from Domainex

Domainex is able to support its clients' drug discovery needs, from hit identification to candidate nomination. A crucial step in any drug discovery programme, is being able to assay biochemically for the activity of a compound. As part of our integrated BioassayBuilder platform, Domainex can develop biochemical assays on your behalf against a broad range of targets, or can simply transfer in an assay developed in your own laboratories.

Our skilled assay biologists are able to develop and validate enzyme activity and ligand-binding assays in a wide range of spectrophotometric, luminescence and fluorescence-based formats. We can screen and characterize compounds in medium-throughput assays for hit-finding and later during the lead optimization phase of your discovery programme.

Domainex is also able to clone and express target protein if required to support assay development. As target protein production can be challenging, Domainex also offers its proprietary Combinatorial Domain Hunting technology when needed, for the fast and efficient identification of expressible, soluble, ligand-binding protein domains. Click here to find out more.