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‘Are we seeing long-term shifts in the Scientific Research Landscape?’ webinar presented by Domainex as part of the OBN Digital Event Series

2020 has undoubtedly been a pivotal year for the biotechnology industry. Tom Mander, CEO at Domainex, Ray Boffey, Head of Chemistry, and Helen Philippou, Founder Director of LUNAC Therapeutics, joined OBN on 2nd October to reflect on how the scientific research landscape has changed in response to major global events including the ongoing pandemic. Don’t worry if you missed the live event, the full webinar is available to watch now. During the webinar they distil and discuss whether these shifts are temporary or more long term, if we will see a change in how drugs are developed, and the support required by companies throughout each stage of drug development. 

Tom Mander shares his thoughts on how the function and role of Discovery CROs has evolved in terms of the areas they are seeing shifts in such as service demands, changes in drug targets and the diversification of methodologies. The factors determining these changes are also analysed.

Ray Boffey provides insights into the evolution of the Domainex chemistry pipeline, highlighting how Domainex’s truly integrated approach to research can speed up project timelines from hit identification to lead-nomination for R&D companies; showcasing the value of the highly-skilled, integrated scientific team at Domainex and the importance of embracing innovation in-line with Domainex’s ‘enrich your medicines pipeline’ philosophy.

Watch the full webinar now to discover more about research at Domainex, listen to a client case study from LUNAC Therapeutics on 'Drug Discovery: From Academia to Start-Up' and a Q&A session with the keynote speakers.

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