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Tom Mander Introduces Domainex's Medicines Research Centre

Domainex Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Established in 2001, this year Domainex celebrates its 20th anniversary. For 20 years we have provided integrated drug discovery services from nomination of disease targets through to delivery of pre-clinical drug candidates. CEO, Tom Mander, introduces our medicines research centre in a new video and highlights why clients from all over the world choose Domainex to help progress their drug discovery projects.

At Domainex we have made significant investments to offer cutting edge solutions for our clients. Our highly skilled, highly trained workforce of approximately 60 scientists offer a diverse range of skills including:

We also offer a range of state of the art technologies from the latest biophysical techniques such as MicroScale Thermophoresis and Grating-Coupled Interferometry, to our own proprietary Combinatorial Domain Hunting platform.

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