ADME and DMPK Testing

ADME and DMPK testing at Domainex and Pharmidex

Domainex is able to offer seamless support of its clients' DMPK testing requirements within its laboratories in Cambridge. Its capabilities include a wide range of in vitro tests, including:

  • Physico-chemical properties
    • LogD
    • Solubility in PBS or biological fluids
    • Stability in PBS or biological fluids
  • Metabolic stability
    • Metabolic stability in liver microsomes, S9 fraction
    • Metabolic stability in cryopreserved hepatocytes
    • Metabolic stability in other tissues and fluids (as % turnover, half life or intrinsic clearance)

Via its closely located partner, Pharmidex, Domainex is also able to offer the full range of ADMET assays; as listed below. Domainex and Pharmidex have built up an excellent working relationship over a number of years and both companies work together to ensure speed and efficiency at all stages of a client's discovery programme.

Pharmidex's offering includes, but is not limited to:

  • Blood distribution and protein binding
    • Plasma protein binding - human & most species
    • Blood partitioning - human & most species
    • Tissue partitioning human & most species
    • Blood to brain partitioning - human & most species (fraction unbound)
  • Cell Permeability and transporter interactions
    • Cell permeation - passive and Pgp mediated (MDR/MDCK)
  • CYP interactions
    • Inhibition in singly-expressed human P450 inhibition
    • Inhibition of Human P450 in microsomes (probe drugs via LC-MS/MS)
    • Time dependent inhibition of human P450s
    • Induction- Human P450 induction in hepatocytes
    • Reaction Phenotyping -Human P450Â isoform specific metabolism reactive metabolism glutathione trapping
    • Metabolite identification in biological samples

If you would like to discover more about our services, discuss specific research, or receive a proposal, please contact us or email, or see Pharmidex's website for further information