Medicinal Chemistry Services - from Hit Compounds to Candidate Drugs

Medicinal Chemists at Domainex

Integrated drug discovery services from hit compounds to candidate drugs: “every compound counts”!

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Domainex provides high-quality medicinal chemistry services and synthetic chemistry services that efficiently progress drug discovery projects from hit identification through lead generation and optimization, to the nomination of effective drug candidates. Our medicinal chemists have extensive experience in developing drug candidates against a broad range of target disease indications, which has provided us with one of the best track records in the industry; with an average of one candidate drug nominated every year!

Supported by our computational chemistry expertise and BioassayBuilder platform, Domainex will design and provide a medicinal chemistry programme tailored to your specific requirements. Our “every compound counts” philosophy means that we take into account all the relevant properties including biological activity, selectivity, pharmacokinetic (i.e. ADME) and toxicology properties in parallel, as well as patentability, in the design of your compounds.

Domainex can help with all aspects of hit-to-candidate activities  including:-

  • Hit Identification
  • Hit to Lead
  • Lead Optimisation
  • Back-up Candidate Identification
  • Development of compounds for oral, inhaled or parenteral administration

Domainex has an established track record in a diverse range of target and ligand classes, including:-

Our medicinal chemistry services can be integrated with our computational chemistry, structural biology, protein expression, ADMET/PK and BioassayBuilder services to provide you with a comprehensive drug discovery solution.

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