CD73: A structural biology case study

Expression and structural determination of CD73 to facilitate drug discovery

CD73 (also known as ecto-50-nucleotidase, e5NT) is a eukaryotic extracellular glycoprotein with potential applications in the treatment of cancer and inflammation.1-3 

CD73 catalyses the hydrolysis of extracellular AMP to adenosine and plays a pivotal role in switching on adenosine signalling via the P1 receptors of the purinergic signalling pathway.


Domainex was tasked with establishing a CD73 biochemical assay and a ligand-binding assay using Microscale Thermophoresis (MST) to support a small-molecule drug discovery programme. Commercially available CD73 was found to be of insufficient quality for the MST studies, so Domainex recommended that it produce high-quality CD73 protein in-house to support these assays.

Recombinant CD73 was successfully isolated from E. coli inclusion bodies, refolded and purified to homogeneity in multi-milligram quantities. A Design-of-Experiments approach was used to find the optimum conditions for the protein refolding step, resulting in a significant improvement over the initial conditions, and a reproducible outcome. The resulting protein was not only used to screen the output from a LeadBuilder virtual screen by both biochemical and MST assays, but was of sufficiently high yield and quality to enable additional STD-NMR and X-ray crystallography studies at Domainex (an example structure is shown in Figure 1).

CD73 Case Study
Figure 1: X-ray crystal structure of CD73 bound to adenosine 5′-(α,β-methylene)diphosphate (AMPCP), a CD73 inhibitor (dataset resolution 1.7Å). The structure overlays well with the Apo open conformation structure which was also solved.


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